Introducing Saint Ann’s debut collection, a twist on statement jewelry designed for modern-day time travelers whose journeys parallel the gritty fairy tales of mythical ancient Greek and Roman goddesses. Classical allusions play out in the contemporary lives of self-possessed women who are unafraid of an authentic expression of their genuine strength.

Hand forged in The City of Angels in 18k gold and pure silver with flashes of black diamonds, Aphrodite and Venus are inspired by love and beauty, Artemis is the huntress and wild animal whisperer, then there’s the wise and heroic Athena, insatiable Eos, goddess of the dawn, and benevolent moon goddess Selene.

The Olympian Collection invokes the power of ancient queens and priestesses across the globe and across time, from Egypt, India and Persia to the Celtic, Roman and Greek myths.

Simple, streamlined shapes in pure, eternal, gold distill millennia of womanhood for the unconventional sophisticate who is drawn to the luxury and purity of precious metal – seizing statement symbols of her role as mother, lover, warrior, scholar and woman.